Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Cathedral Doily row 17 of 33 and 3 Connected Hearts Bracelets

We had an All Day Praise on Saturday for the seniors in 
our Sunday night ministry, and since I thought
(I should never think!) I would have time to 
sit and listen to the music(5 hours), I brought my doily 
to work on.  I got 3 arches completed and that was it.
But, a dear sweet lady saw my doily and asked if I 
would make 2 for her by December(YIKES!!!), and 
I said yes(I am not even done with mine-only 1/2 way).
 And, another friend had wanted the bracelet I test 
tatted 2 posts ago which I had to extend and when 
I gave it to her Saturday she asked me to make 3 
for her teen granddaughters.  So, here they are.
I really hope she likes them! She told me to choose 
the colors and I really hate having to do that for 
Well, on to housework and Bible study, then to row 
18 on the doily(thankfully I can't start on the other 
2 until she gets a chance to choose her colors)!
Have a wonderfully blessed day and hopefully some
tatting too!!! :)
***Continuing tatting today and row 18 is done now.  :)


Jane McLellan said...

5 hours? Yes, you'd definitely need some tatting to accompany that. The bracelets are so pretty, no one in the world would object to the colours, I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled. Good luck with your commission!

God's Kid said...

Yes Jane, 5 hours with a person or group singing or playing each hour-it was a great time!! Thank you very much for your comments!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

It looks like your group are keeping you busy,
Lovely bracelets and your doily gets more beautiful you show it

God's Kid said...

Thank you Margaret!! :) I think Elaine is getting another book together(not sure though).