Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ummmm....I have been tatting....and messing up!!!

Since I keep messing up, I will tell you that I have 
added a few motifs to the tablecloth(and cut a couple 
off after finishing them and noticing the mistakes!).
Today I was looking for cheap wedding decorations 
for a couple getting married after our Sunday morning 
lesson(they are really poor and I thought I would 
try to make their wedding a little brighter), and I 
found these Ice Drop gems in the "wedding" section 
at Walmart. So....I splurged!!!  
 I just had to share this beautiful flower with you!!
I saw it enjoying one of our 92 degree days 
yesterday.  It brightened my day and I hope it 
will yours too!! :)
Have a wonderful day and hopefully some 
tatting too!!!! :)


muskaan said...

Brightness shines through those gems and rose ! Yes, sometimes dullness can invade our brain. Take a break from tatting and come back rejuvenated :-)

God's Kid said...

Thanks for the encouragement muskaan!!! :) I have a drive to tat, but sometimes between my brain and hands it all gets messed up. Granddaughters coming this weekend, so maybe next week will be better for tatting. :)

Jane McLellan said...

Do I see ice drops in your future? Yes, there are times when the spirit is keen but the fingers don't seem to obey. Sorry you've had to snip on the tablecloth.

God's Kid said...

Yes Jane, more Ice Drops! :)