Friday, September 8, 2017

Personal Challenge # 11

This fits one of my medium sized ornaments- approx. 
2 or 2 1/2 inches across.
The pattern is here:     
which is only part of the actual pattern which is here:  
Side view # 1
 Bottom view.
Tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Snow White.  The plan 
was to tat the whole pattern, but the top center 
would not go over the hanger piece on the large 
ornament and with a tiny stretch on the joining 
picots it fit around the medium ornament top. 
Top view(same as bottom).
So....I had to improvise and ended up tatting the 
same top and bottom sections, but I left of the 
thrown rings and joined to them instead.  The 
other problem was that the pattern shows a thrown 
ring with the counts and only 6 picots, but I later 
noticed that there are supposed to be 7 picots 
which would have made joining easier.
Instead, I tatted 11 ds on the chain, joined to 
one of the 2 middle picots, then 2 ds and joined 
to the next middle picot, then 11 ds again.
Next time, there will be 7 picots and the chain 
will be 12 join 12.  :)
 Side view # 2.
So....I am 1 ornament away from 1/2 way through 
this personal challenge.  The  store which I bought 
the stand from would like a picture of the stand 
full of the tatted ornaments-before Christmas, 
so....that is my goal!!! :)
Happy tatting everyone!!! :)


muskaan said...

You've managed it well - looks great !
And it's so great to have a pic of your tatting displayed in the store!
Congrats :-)

God's Kid said...

Thank you muskaan!!! :) I don't know if it will be displayed in the store, but it will be on their Facebook page. :) This is their website:
And facebook page:

Jane McLellan said...

You had to do some fiddling, well done for such a pretty result! Good to have a goal, and you're certainly making your way towards it.

God's Kid said...

Thank you Jane!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful bubble, lovely tatting, I expect that was fiddly to fit it on the bubble

Fox said...

Very creative!

God's Kid said...

Thank you both!! :)
Margaret, I tat the top, then tat the bottom joining to the top piece, then before the last 3 joins I put the ornament in place and that is where it becomes fiddly because I tat the rest holding the ornament and trying to keep the tatting a nice as possible. And I have to be careful not to put pressure on the ornament since it's glass.