Monday, January 9, 2017

Still tatting along on the Spring Doily from last year

Making some progress to help relieve stress.
I am in the final stretch(and yes, it's a stretch.  I 
try to tat 1 repeat at a time, and then another if I 
can.  I love the beauty of this pattern and can't 
wait till it's finished and blocked!
Stress relief is needed because tomorrow we start 
the process of going through my mom's house.  
Looks like I am getting the large furniture, but I 
live in a small place and am not sure where to put it 
with what I already have.  Either way, I am not just 
letting it all go.  Then we have to decide which each 
of us kids want(pretty much done already), and then 
all the grandchildren get a chance.  
I am so thankful I have tatting to "escape" into. 
Happy tatting and have a wonderful day!!!  :)


muskaan said...


Fox said...

Oooooh.... Looks as if you have only about 8 repeats left! Good for you. I have about 20. 😬

God's Kid said...

Thank you both!!! :)
See Fox, we might just finish about the same time! :)

Madtatter80 said...

I miss your post on the loss of your mom, I too struggle through the holidays. To myself I call the tatting worry knots, it does help relieve stress. Your doily is beautiful 🌸💟🌸take care hugs.

Jane McLellan said...

You're nearly there! It's not easy to sort out your mum's possessions, good luck with that.

SWtrompeter said...

So good you have tatting to escape into during stressful times. I have about 13 repeats left on that last round. We might finish around the same time, too. :)

Margarets designer cards said...

I have been there and got the tea shirts when I had to do it all for my mother, I understand exactly how you feel, sending you hug

God's Kid said...

Thank you all so very much!!! :) I got lots of good stuff. My mom had been stocking up on cleaning supplies, necessities, and some food so I have gained some items which will help.

God's Kid said...

SWtrompeter, That will be cool if you, Fox and I all complete ours around the same time!!! :)