Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still snowing.......and very, very cold.

Well...look at all the snow on the garbage can and the pine tree branches.
 This next picture is to show the huge plowed snow pile between our home and the next home.  It's almost over half as high as that home.  Wow!!!  
 This is a picture of my top "step" somewhere under all that snow is a step(that has to be about 8 inches deep).  See my little snowman holding the door open??  It's one of my slippers with my foot in it.  :)
 The steps are hardly noticable.  We have had a drift before which made it look like a sliding hill, but today you can barely see the indents where the steps bend.  
Well, my mechanic called and it looks like I have to start shoveling so that I can go pick up my van(YUCK!!!  It's currently 8 degrees F. and they say the windchills will be around -10 degrees F.)
Hoping to finish the cross and show it tonight!!!  :)
Have a happy tatting day!!!  :)


Madtatter80 said...

Wow that looks very cold great pictures we have the cold but got the Ice storm instead. looks like you should wait to pick up car!
may be start knitting instead :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Stay safe and warm, we have rain it's been raining all day and windy,

God's Kid said...

It's cold, and it's still snowing. I have been staying safe and warm, but went to find those steps and found them only to have them getting covered up already. Not picking up the van(if I can help it) the roads are not looking too good and the mechanic didn't even want to test drive the van due to road conditions so I think he can store it another night at least. :)

muskaan said...

Just looking at the pics gives me a chilly shiver ! But the white does look pristine.

Does the door get stuck, with all that snow on the doorsteps .... since it opens on the outside , Sue ?

Knitting Is a good idea ;-)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Wow! You did get a lot of snow! Stay warm!

God's Kid said...

So far muskaan the door hasn't gotten stuck because that step is actually 8 to 10 inches below that snow you saw, I have another picture for later hopefully when I show some tatting.
As for the 2 who have suggested me knitting...I have tried but cannot grasp it(strange huh???). My daughter can knit and if I could I would finish the blanket she started for me so that I could keep warm while crafting, but my talent is in tatting and lace doesn't keep you very warm.
Yes Diane, we got plenty of snow and it's still coming. It looks like there is a chance of snow every day for the next 8 days again according to our local weather. The corner I show in the pictures is right outside our home and I have taken these pictures from our livingroom window. Yesterday I heard what I thought was a plow dropping the plow blade and getting ready to plow, but when I looked out there was an accident(not bad). There was terrible white out conditions and I think someone wasn't paying attention or was going too fast. And, I got the steps cleared, but nature has hidden them again already.