Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 25 Motif Challenge # 1 and another cross

Still getting a chance to tat(yay!!!!).  
We have 2 new ladies in our Sunday night group and I want them to have tatted crosses too, so.....
The first is done.  It's in her favorite color: orange, I used size 40 Lizbeth Orange Crush.  The pattern is Amelie from Tatted Bookmarks-cross shaped by Lene Bjorn.
I am using this as my 2015 25 Motif Challenge # 1 
due to the fact that is was a challenge for me.
I needed to pay lots of attention, tat rings on SCMRs(which I chose to do instead of all chains like the pattern says-I did SCMRs for the large "rings" at each of the 4 "points").  I need to add a "tail" yet.
But I am pleased with how it turned out.  :)
***For those who have this book, this cross in size 40 is the same size as the picture in the book.
 The next is not a challenge, very simple!!!  And I have done it many times.
It's not for the 2nd lady....I am waiting to find out her favorite color.
 It's about double the size of the orange cross.  
It's tatted in size 10 Aunt Lydia's white and (I call it rainbow) Mexicana Vatiegated. 
I need to add a "tail" to this one too.  And finish ends on both crosses.  


Grace Tyler said...

Very pretty crosses! A thoughtful gift.

muskaan said...

The orange cross is Gorgeous! So glad you challenged yourself -- Great job there. The lady will be thrilled to receive it :-)

God's Kid said...

Thank you both very much!!! :)

Jenn said...

Both crosses are gorgeous :). Great start to your 2015 25 Motif Challenge :).

Jane McLellan said...

I love that you find out the recipient's favourite colour before making your gift. The top one does look tricky, you've done a good job.

Margarets designer cards said...

Both crosses are lovely, I treated myself to that book last week, so far I have had a looked at the crosses but not had time to tat any.

God's Kid said...

Thank you all!! :)
Jane, I think it's nice to know someone's favorite color-to me it makes the gift more personal and special! :)