Friday, November 7, 2014

Tatting, test tatting, and knitting for me. :)

I have been tatting along, around everything in life.
I am only giving a glimpse of the tablecloth I have been tatting,  hiding the secret project.
According to my count I have over 200 motifs on the tablecloth already(sounds crazy to me).
Oh, while I was sitting in a mall tatting on my secret project Wednesday,  a lady came buy and asked what I was doing.  She is older than I am and had never heard of tatting.  She said she loved what I was making and she was very interested in it, so interested that when she came back by, I had to write Tatting on a paper for her, and Handy Hands Tatting for her to look up, and shuttles. 
 I hope she gets into it!  :)

The next 2 pictures are test tatting pieces for Elaine P. Gan from Test Tatters on Facebook.  

Here is the daughter is making me a blanket.  It's all straight knitting and it's 300 stitches across.  I wanted a blanket, not a throw and since the throws are around 100-150 stitches I asked if she could double it and make it large!!
 It's a fleece type yarn which I love!!!
 And it looks like it might be wider than the loveseat(it's on circular needles so we can't lay it out to see yet).  :)    It's MINE!!!
And this is the gorgeous scarf she is making for me.  It's a beginner pattern and it's knitting and purling.  I love the design and the colors!!!  Can't wait to use it!!!  :)

Here is a close up of the design and colors knitted.

Here is a picture of the yarn(love the watercolor look).  This brand of yarn has several other colors I love too and might be asking for more scarves or something.  My daughter says it seems like this is taking longer than the blanket cuz' the yarn is far thinner than the blanket yarn, but I assured her this is regular type yarn and she has gotten used to the thicker yarns.  :)
 Have an awesome day!!!  And if you are anywhere near Michigan...try and stay warm!!!  :)


Madtatter80 said...

You have been busy and this all looks very wonderful, I hear the temperature is going to drop next week and this knitting will come in handy. your tatting and earrings look great and perfect !

God's Kid said...

Thanks Madtatter80!! :)
I wish I was the one knitting since my daughter is warm most of the time and I am the cold one, at least I get to cover up with and wear the knitting when they are finished. :)

muskaan said...

Can't wait to see the completed table cloth - the glimpse is v enticing. There seem to be beads too?

Love the test motif with its overlap !!!

And your blanket seems soon cozy and inviting - you're gonna want to remain snuggled in ;-D
Love the wool colourways for both projects.

Michelle said...

That tablecloth picture is such a tease! Are you a third of the way? The collar is gorgeous, the blanket looks so cozy, could use that in Minnesota, i think. And the colors on that scarf are wonderful!

Jane McLellan said...

Ah, your table cloth is going to be worth waiting to see. I love your daughter's knit projects!!

God's Kid said...

Thank you all for your gracious comments!! :)
As for the tablecloth.....that is still a long way off, when I get it somewhat evened out again I will post another picture of it on the table. It's being tatted in a cheap white cotton crochet thread and when finished will be dyed a better color to hide spills!!
For muskaan, the beads are on a secret project. I wanted it done before Christmas and had 2 other projects not named or shown which were to be done by now, but I don't believe I will get any finished by Christmas, but I will keep working on them because I do want them finished!!!
Thank you all for the kind comments on my daughter's knitting projects!! I think that may give her a little more encouragement to continue!! :)

Ninetta said...

Wow a tablecloth! And what a lovely daughter, I like both yarns she chose.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I am quite impressed with all your projects! That sure looks like a lot of lovely tatting on the tablecloth, and what a tantalizing secret project! Your test tats are also nicely done!

And your daughter sure is doing a lot of knitting! That's an incredible blanket (300 sts!!) So cozy! I also love the yarn color and the stitch texture in the scarf! Is the pattern available?

God's Kid said...

Thank you Ninetta! :)
Thank you Kathy!! :) The scarf pattern is available. I found it online for her and it's a beginner pattern(since she is still a beginner). Here is the link:
I loved the colors in the picture on the pattern and that is why I chose it, but I don't know if we could get that yarn so we found the beautiful yarn she is using.
Hope you like it!! :)

Emilie L. said...

I love the purple necklace. You are very creative!!!

God's Kid said...

Thank you Emilie L. !! :)
The necklace is something I test tatted for Elaine Gan.

Fox said...

Those test patterns are super!

God's Kid said...

Thanks Fox!!! :)