Monday, August 11, 2014

Tatting to show!! :)

This top picture is a glimpse of what my livingroom has been looking like.  Lots of tatting work sitting out.
If you can see on the paper towel about in the center I have finished both of those pairs of earrings(Lizbeth Rainbow Splash dreamcatchers, and purple dangles), and I am set up for several suncatchers(which I have 4 finished and a fifth in the works).  :)
These are my dreamcatcher earring pattern tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Niagara Falls.
 The small "ring" on the top of the picture is a bracelet I tatted for my oldest granddaughter too long ago to remember when, but as you can see it has been well used.  She brought it and asked me to tat another, but since I have no other rainbow thread she asked me to use the size 10 Royale that I was teaching her to tat with.  So, the bottom bracelet is the new one just needing the ends sewn in.  It's kind of adjustable so she can grow into it.  :)
**Original here:
Here are the 4 suncatchers I have done.  Starting on top left to right.  
All size 40  Lizbeth Sea Island Citrus, Autumn spice, 
Purple Iris Fusion, Juicy Watermelon.  (this is the only picture taken with my new camera so if the others are blurry, I apologize, but my old computer wouldn't accept the new camera, but I tried it on this new computer and it far).  :)
This is a slub or flub or whatever everyone calls the knots in the ball of thread.  I was quite frustrated, but I just skipped past it for not.  I will make the correction later.


Pop Lenuta Maria said...

Wow , so much work!

Jane McLellan said...

Such beautiful work, especially the suncatchers!

Jolimama said...

Jó újra látni:-)

Milyen jó, hogy itt a blogban megvannak a képek.

God's Kid said...

Thank you Maria and Jane!! :)
Thank you Jolimama!!! :) I am glad that my tatting pictures are here since I can no longer get them from my computer!!

Fox said...

Love those sun-catchers, Sue!

God's Kid said...

Thanks Fox!!! :) They are going to be terribly hard to part with, but I owe someone!!! :)