Monday, June 16, 2014

I could use some Help with finding a color. :)

One of the ladies in the group I am making crosses for said her favorite color is Mauve(and she likes Victorian colors).  I looked at the Lizbeth color selection from Handy Hands and there is no mauve.  Do any of you have similar taste in colors??  Any suggestions for her bookmark??


SWtrompeter said...

Valdani has a tremendous assortment of colors. Check out their colors of pearl cotton - they have 3 'mauve' shades (#881, 882, 883), plus a 'mauve lilac' (too purple for me to think of it as 'mauve') and color #86 (rich plum, but it looks a bit on the 'mauve' side on my computer screen.

They have a listing of where to buy their thread(s), too, so if you're not in Canada, you can save a bit on postage if you can find a shop that stocks the thread and color you're looking for. ;-)

Umintsuru said...

How about Lizbeth Paintbrush or Spring Fling or Grape Splash?

If you are looking for one solid color, maybe light antique violet or purple iris.

Grace Tyler said...

Oh finally! The pop-up to leave you a comment wasn't working earlier.

So, my recommendation from the Lizbeth thread that would be mauve to me is Antique Violet Medium, #640. I also like the Lt Grape. Good luck!

Amy said...

If you search
for "mauve" you will find a few options. Mostly size 80 or DMC perle cotton, but they do have a ball of mauve variegated thread from Olympus that is quite pretty. It says "size 40", but I find Olympus to be closer to a size 20, and very nice to tat with. But it is a bit expensive!
I bet the mauve YLI silk thread on their site would also be very nice.
The Thread Corner is a great vendor--I have ordered from them a few times.

God's Kid said...

Thank you all for your suggestions and advice and the links!! I really appreciate the help!!! :)