Saturday, January 25, 2014

A little tatting, and a LOT of snow!! :)

When I was tatting the small garlands, my friend brought me some ivory colored garlands that she bought several years ago and wanted me to tat them too.  Well....these are 18 ft. long and I knew the Lizbeth Christmas Delight wasn't going to look very well with them, so I looked and Lizbeth Cranberry Bush in size 10 looked like it would work well.  
 So... Here is the first of (if I remember correctly) 4. 
 I think the colors look like old Victorian Christmas colors.
 And yes, my Christmas tree is still up, due to a lot of bad things happening to start this year, so I used it to model the garland.
 Here is the garland on my couch.
 It's long!!!  Took 1 1/2 balls of size 10.
 See below, still decorated for Christmas.  :)  Ummm.. to start the explanation: On the Friday after Christmas I had to take my dad to the hospital for a scheduled surgery, when I got home that night I was very sick and my mom got it 2 days later, then my husband 2 days later.  We never got to go see my dad recovering due to the sickness.
 Well, my dad was supposed to come home on Jan. 1, but the hospital called and said they might have to put dad on life support.  By midnight, he was on full life support and totally unresponsive, and he died the next morning.  And I was sick for 2 whole weeks.  Well, I am making this next doily hoping to brighten my mom's day when she receives it.  She loves pink and I really hope she likes this.  I have one more round to go.  I will post the finished piece when it's done.  Thanks again to all those who helped with the confusion of instructions!! : )
 Now, for the LOTS of snow.  This is this morning(and it still looks that way cuz' it's the back door and I am not going out right now!!!)
 This was our front steps this morning.
 This is a double drift outside our livingroom window and is almost as high as the bottom part of the window.
 This is God's handiwork, a crater drift between the neighbor's house on the left, and our shed on the right.
 And this is my hubby.  Can yo see how high that snow is(thigh high on this 6 foot guy).  He hates shoveling, but he can't stand staying home so he shoveled all of that in front of our van just so he could get away for a bit. I said...a little tatting, and a LOT of snow!!!  :)
Well, now you have the explanation for my slack in blogging.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments since and I hope you are all doing well and having a much better start to your new year!!!  :)
Oh, and all this snow must have been our 28th Wedding Anniversary gift from God.  :)  Cuz' it's today.  :)


Madtatter80 said...

Wow that is a lot of snow I forgot where do you live? I can see how you got all that tatting done on the beautiful garland and the doily for your mom. Sorry to here of your father's passing and the ups and downs with his health towards the end. That does make things so unusual with stress, and then the holidays too. I love tatting during times like that it helps in so many ways. God Bless you dear hugs from Carollyn :)

God's Kid said...

Thank you Carollyn!! We live in Michigan on the lakeshore! :) We are used to lots of snow, but for many years now it's settled down so much that people have forgotten what a real Michigan winter is like and this is it! :)

Jane McLellan said...

So sorry to hear about the bad start to your year, especially the death of your father. My condolences to you and your family. The garland looks wonderful - doing 4 will keep you busy for a while! Congratulations on your anniversary.

Katherine said...

I am so sorry to hear of your difficult times, and I hope that the New Year, and 28th year of marriage will be good for you. *hug*

Margarets designer cards said...

Firstly I must say I am so sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope you are now recovered from your sickness,
Beautiful string of pearls but it must have taken ages to do.
I am sure your Mum will love your doily in the pretty pink colour.
Gosh you have snow we have rain, we might get some snow tomorrow by the forecast. We have so much rain and floods in somerset where we live that the Somerset levels have an amber warning in them today. It's pouring with rain blowing a gale at the moment.
Take care please pass on my sympathy to your family. Hope things improve for you.
Hugs Margaret

Fox said...

Oh, I just got caught up here and am dismayed to read of your sad news. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad.

What a start to 2014. Here's hoping that you got the bad stuff over early and the rest of the year is a lot more healthy and hapoy ...and with less snow! We are having a very cold winter, here in Toronto.

Hang in there, Sue!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm so sorry to read about your dad. My dad passed away six years ago, and I still miss him. I will be sure to keep you and your mom in my prayers.

I have some of that ivory garland that I purchased two years ago. Last year I decided that size 10 Cranberry Bush would be perfect for it! Unfortunately, I haven't even purchased the thread yet. Yours looks very nice!

JB said...

My deepest sympathies for your loss. my prayers are with you and your family.
your garland is beautiful.
The snow is very pretty to look at--but sure is an inconvenience...

God's Kid said...

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and concern!!! I pray that you will all be blessed for the love you have shown!!
Maragaret, I hope you have plenty of sunshine soon to dry up some of that rain!!
Fox, I believe we are getting your leftovers of the cold because the recent snow and freezing temps are coming down from Canada. The windchills have been -20 to-30 F. But, it won't last forever!! :)
Diane, I actually had to purchase many more balls of that thread just so I will have enough to complete the other garlands and to finish that first one. I had one ball for a different project and never even started the other project. :)
Just so everyone knows...I love the snow. It's finally a true Michigan winter again(of course, it could have come when I felt more like dealing with it, but God's time isn't my time). :)

Umintsuru said...

Dear Sue, I had no idea and a little late. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Hope you are feeling better. The garland is pretty. Looks like snow has taken over your whole area. Do take care and keep warm.

God's Kid said...

Hi Wendy, thank you so much for the caring!! I am doing much better! Thank you for the compliment on the garland!! And yes, snow has taken over! We have not had a real winter like this in so long that many people have forgotten how to drive safely and what they should do with all the snow. I was gone for 4 hours today and you would have thought no one had been here in days there was so much snow in the drive already. :) Guess I might be shoveling till spring gets here. :)

Lelia said...

I am so sorry to read of your loss. Will keep you and your family in our thoughts. And, I do hope you are feeling better. Happy Anniversry, 28 years is a blessing.

Beautiful tatting - the garland is lovely. I will have to remember that garland idea when the sales begin.

I was inspired by your Motifs for Marie [you tatted an interesting triangle and itty bitty flower awhile back], so I got my book out to empty some shuttles. They are fun motifs.

As for the snow, argh! I'm kinda tired of all of it.

God's Kid said...

Hi Lelia, thank you for your warm thoughts and comments!! :) I can't wait to see your motifs!! :) Yah, I love snow, but am thinking I could enjoy it spread out a little more through the winter instead of all in 1 week or so. :)
Have a great day!!! :)

Jolimama said...

Milyen nagy hó, itt is van, de nem ilyen sok.
Nagyon hideg van.
Jó csinálni hobbít, meleg szobában.

God's Kid said...

Thank you Jolimama!! Yes, it's a good time to stay in and stay warm tatting!! :)

Grace Tyler said...

Sorry to hear about your father. I hope your family is well now.

The garland looks like quite a bit of work, but worth it to have something so special on your tree year after year.

I hope your mum's doily is complete and did the trick, cheering her up.

God's Kid said...

Thank you Grace Tyler!! We are doing ok. :)
That garland is a bit of work, and I still have 3 to go-when time permits!! :)
I haven't finished mom's doily yet. Our niece moved in with us and my house is a disaster area. As soon as I find the house again, I will prayerfully be able to tat again(I am having tatting withdrawals). :)