Monday, July 1, 2013

Tatting inspired banner-a gift for me. :)

The retreat was totally awesome!!!  The ladies loved the dangles!!!
and a friend who made the retreat decided to surprise me with a banner(poster sized) for me to remember it since I was "leading" it(actually God was leading and I was just following his will).  I thought I would share it because it's special for due to the fact that she knows my love of tatting and wanted to include it some way(she is an artist).  Here is the banner:
She is the artist of the picture which I had for the weekend, and if you see the designs on the top and bottom in the pink, she said that she loves the tatting I do and wanted me to have something special to remember the weekend and she tried to create a design inspired by tatting for me to have.  How special is that???  She is awesome!!!  :)    See, tatting even inspires others.  :)


JB said...

A sweet remembrance.

God's Kid said...

Thank you JB!! :) I totally agree!! :)