Thursday, July 25, 2013

New beginner tatter

This little angel is 12 yr. old Priscilla.  She is a part of our little church group.  Last weekend we had our first church picnic and she was there.  She has had a bad family life and rarely ever smiles.  Well, this past weekend she smiled a lot!!!  She came home with us after the picnic and spent the night.  While she was here she was spoiled with swimming, candy and snacks, lots of attention and some gifts.  I have these beautiful earrings from Fox that I love, but cannot wear since I don't have pieced ears and don't wear earrings.  Well, this little angel saw them and loved them so much that I made them a gift to her.  As you can see she put them on and graciously allowed me to get a picture to share.  
 She received a few other tatted pieces of mine, and then asked if I would teach her to tat(let me tell you that it was 11:00pm on Saturday night and I had to be up early to get 10 lbs. of potatoes ready and mashed for our Sunday morning church meal-which follows our lesson).  So, we sat and she learned how to make a ring.  I let her take some thread and a shuttle home with her to practice and I can't wait to see this weekend how she has done.  :)           Below is a close up of one of the earrings.


Michelle said...

How wonderful!!!! How nice of you to bring her home and make her smile! And tat!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

A very inspiring and heartwarming story! It's always difficult to see kids who are struggling. So good of you to bring some rays of sunshine into her life.

Fox said...

Sue, this makes me very, very happy. Thank you.

God's Kid said...

Hi Fox! I was hoping you would be ok with it. I love those earrings, but not being able to wear them left them just sitting around(of course to enjoy looking at them), but to see them brighten someone's face and day really seemed worth it all!! :) Can't wait to show tatting from her! :)