Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tatting thread organizer

This is my new tatting thread organizer.  It's actually for Christmas ornaments, but I thought it would work for what I want.  
 It's nice sized and has 60 compartments.  There is a nice clear window in the top.
 There are 3 "drawers".  They are cardboard and need assembly.  They fit VERY tightly in the case.
I have my size 40 variegated threads in the top.

 The second drawer holds my size 40 solids.
 The bottom has my size 10s and 20s, as well as a few random.
 Here are what the drawers look like out.
 If anyone is interested here is a link to the "organizer" 
I have been working on my request for 13 snowflakes.  I want to keep them all about 3 inches in size.  I have tatted about 10 snowflakes, but several have been smaller so I will be finding a purpose for them later.  :)


Margarets designer cards said...

Nice bid to keep your threads,
I did several of Diane's snowflakes which she did last month they work out about that size, I did increase the ds between the rings and the jk rings to make than slightly larger.

Fox said...

I Love that last photo!

Any tatter could look at the picture and know - really know - at least a few things that were flying around in your ring-and-chain brain, while all that planning was going on. I am sitting here grinning...
Fox : ))

Lolitadewdrop said...

That is such a brilliant idea, thank you for sharing. :)
I hope that your snowflakes go well.

God's Kid said...

Thanks for the info. Margaret!! I will have to try them out!! I was considering them, but wasn't sure they were going to be big enough. :)
Just a bit crazy around here Fox!! I thought the original request was for 13 of the Lavender & Lace inspired # 3 snowflakes, but then I called for verification and found out that she wants to give them to her children and grandchildren for Christmas as keepsakes so she would like an assortment. So... since she says she would never be disappointed with anything I had for her, I am making sure I have a great selection!! :)
Thank you Lolitadewdrop!! :)

Suztats said...

Great idea for a thread container!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Great storage idea! Just think how easy it will be to find the right size and color!

DorARTthea said...

Thank you for sharing this idea!

Mary R. said...

Great thread storage idea! I need to get in snowflake mode...I'm sure yours will turn out beautiful :-)

Fox said...

An aside... I just howled at a comment on one of the blogs - I have forgotten which one already! - because someone asked you if you ever slept as the comment was written so late! You are another like me, prowling the blogs and commenting at odd and all hours. Your comments are EVERYWHERE!

Sometimes, I have found an obscure (to me, anyway) blog out there somewhere in Tat-land and linked to leave a message and - lo and behold - you had arrived way before me!

Till that comment though, I had not really put it all together. Now I am chuckling and smiling away as I sent this off. Just had to share it.

See you at midnight and the wee hours out there in Tat-Macedonia or Tat-Korea or Tat-Bali or Tat-wherever, Sue!

Candle-Burning Fox : )

Allison said...

Perfect thread organizer! I never put two-and-two together that ornaments are about the same size as a ball of thread! Very clever. 13 Snowflakes sounds like a great way to get in the swing of the holidays! I tend to organize things on the floor just like you! Patterns and shuttles everywhere! Love, Allison :)

Jane McLellan said...

Very organised!

God's Kid said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone!! :)
Yes Fox, I tend to be up at random hours. I have really tried to be on a schedule as a good example for my adult daughters who are still home, but....I have had lots of problems sleeping in the past few years and it seems to get worse not better for the most part. I love the nights when I sleep most of the whole night, but when everyone is sleeping I don't want to run the television and risk waking someone else up just because I cannot sleep, so the computer is nice and quiet and I can play games, search for things and even listen(very quietly) to music. :)
Also, I am the wife of a truck driver and when he is home during the week it usually means really early mornings, and since I don't get to sleep well-and back to sleep is worse, I get online(this morning was 4:30am). I don't mind. At least we know there are others up and "lurking" about when we might be. :D

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Had to chime in on the sleep issue. I have had problems with insomnia for years, and claim to be a 'night owl'. I say it's biological. DH says it's just habit, but after 48 years, he's given up on a 'cure'! I'm definitely not a 'morning person', but it could be that TV influenced me as a teenager back in the late '50s (first TV generation), when they started broadcasting after midnight. I loved the late night talk shows and old movies. However, later on (married in 1964), it was difficult to wake up for my job, much to DH's dismay! Now I have the computer and sometimes fight sleep in order to read, read, read, and maybe comment on blogs! Fortunately, I can sleep in these days, now that we're retired! But I can't promise to be anywhere early in the morning!

God's Kid said...

I feel like I could understand that Kathy!
And I feel the same about mornings! My daughters and I have always said mornings should be outlawed! :)

Fox said...

AH, yes, i fight going to sleep too! I just love reading late into the night and tatting too. I do not read the blogs as late as I tat and open the books.

Mornings can be difficult and even though I am a night Howler (!) I do enjoy an very early morning run when I can manage it. Love the fog on the ground or the dew before the sun is up and everyone is still abed.

In the days when my son lived at home it was fun to wander into the kitchen and find him making tea at 3.a.m. He is another midnight meanderer. I loved our wee hour chats.

Maybe it is genetic, though his sister is the opposite; she is the Goddess of Sleep, relishing her full 91/2 hours!