Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tatting on a beaded garland

This is a tatted beaded garland inspired by Snapdragon Lace pattern here: 
This one is 10 feet long.  The beads must be much larger than the strand in the pattern cuz' I couldn't use her stitch count of 3 p 3,   I had to use 7 p 7 for one side of each bead.  Oh, and I used size 10 thread.
 Here's a close-up
 Doesn't look like 10 feet, but it is.  The garland strand was actually 32 feet long, so I cut it into 3- 10 foot sections, and gave my daughter the other 2 feet(which I will have to show what was done with that).  :)


Fox said...

So pretty!
Fox : )

Margarets designer cards said...

That's a Monmouth job, it looks really good.

Jane McLellan said...

Very effective!

God's Kid said...

Thanks everyone!! It really didn't take very long since it's just chains on one side and then back down the other, but it was my away from home tatting project(or my sit and watch some tv project). :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wow! What an amazing project!
Great way to watch TV and have something to show for it! I like those red beads!

God's Kid said...

Thanks Kathy! It was a great riding in the van project on several hour long trips we had to make. :)