Saturday, August 18, 2012

So excited!!! My newest tatting student is doing really well!!!

My friend, Cheryl, found out that I am a tatter and told me that she had some things she got somewhere and she didn't know what they were or how to use them. She had tried to learn somehow and wasn't able to succeed. Well, I told her I would be glad to show her what I have learned and we started lessons. We started with rings. She tried to practice, but was having trouble getting more than 2 stitches to come out well. She had a "light-bulb" moment one night just before falling asleep and then tried it in the morning and called me all excited!!! She had made several rings. Well, today she came for a cookout and insanity(that's what it is when our group get together), and while they played UNO on one end of the table, we tatted at the other end. She showed me her rings so please to have gotten it. They were rings, but all crazy-like. Bad tension, very loose stitches, bumpy and crazy looking, but they were rings! Well, I told her to just work on trying to get her stitches next to each other and smooth looking. So after about 10 minutes they looked much better and we moved on to making picots with a picot gage. She mastered that very quickly!!! And she made several rings 5p5p5p5. I was so proud of her and she very extremely proud!!! Then we went on to joining those rings with the new picots. Here is her end effort and she can't stop smiling and showing everyone her progress!!! It's a drastic difference from what she came with. Yay Cheryl!!!! I will introduce her to the blogs next month.

And....she and I are concocting an idea using tatting so I will do my best to keep you posted on that. :)


Sharon said...

Awesome! Another new tatter!! Her rings are great, next up chains?? Those should be a snap since she has double stitches and picots and joins already.

Fox said...

Great teaching, GK!!! She is doing so well!
Fox : )

Lelia said...

Woot! Go Cheryl ; )

Jon Yusoff said...

It is always happy news when reading of a new tatter. Well done.