Thursday, August 16, 2012

New threads and books!! :) So Happy!!! Oh, and a touch of tatting. :)

First are the new threads and tons of excitement!!!
These are all from Jess at
First is size 40 Queen Anthias, next is size 40 Kaleidoscope, next is size 40 Fairie Dust(she actually used the name I suggested-how awesome is that?!), and next is Jess' attempt at a suggestion of confetti(I don't think I actually explained my thoughts right so...I will have to do that, but the colors are nice and I am going to use it for something)! And lastly, Jess sent some really awesome square buttons with colors that seem to go awesome with either of the first 2 threads!!! Can't wait to get some time to work with these!!!

I tried to show the multi-colors in the buttons the best I could here.
I also got some new books which I haven't gotten around to showing till now. Up and Tat 'Em by Marilee Rockley, Heirloom Treasures in Tatting from Annie's Attic, and Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach. Lots of new things to play with-yet....lots of things already in progress, or on the list!!!
And I have been doing some tatting. I started the top star here and messed up on the first 2 arms, so I cut them off and will start again. And then my granddaughter insisted that she had to have the Five-Pointed Star in Lizbeth Blue you can see, grandma couldn't say no! :)

And, I have a new student of tatting!!! (Not my granddaughter-yet)My friend, Cheryl. She has learned rings and we will work on picots, then chains. She is very eager to learn. I will post pictures when I can, but we aren't able to get together often(yet!). :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your new threads are beautiful! I know you'll love your new books, especially Iris Niebach's.

Fox said...

What fun!
Fox : )

Lelia said...

Beautiful fibers - Diane gave me some of the 4-Eva to try. I look forward to using fibers from Jess.

I have the up and tat book - isn't it neat???

Enjoy your new fibers and books ; )

Suztats said...

Delish new threads!