Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update on bracelets

Just thought I ought to let you know how many I have gotten done so far. I have 16 done so far.
Thankfully I do the bracelets in the color order you see here(top to bottom) so that way I am not getting tired of one color over and over. And the pattern is easy enough that I haven't had to over-think and can just keep going. I have gotten frustrated several times when I shredded the thread while making a join and had to cut the shredded thread off and cover more ends, but it hasn't been horrible. :) Have an awesome day today!!! :)


Jane McLellan said...

You've been busy. Lovely bright colours, nice bracelets.

Fox said...

16? Awesome!
Fox : )

Mrs. Fink said...

Well done! I hate it when my thread breaks or shreds and I have to cut/tie/hide and start again...keep fighting the good fight :)

starshinebright said...

too bad all the colores were together... I have gay pride and would suggest making a bracelet with all the colors in rainbow order witht he cross on it... I would buy it im a christian so the rainbow cross is an excellent addition