Monday, May 14, 2012

A new tv, stand, and lots of Lizbeth threads!!!

My husband says that he got the Mother's day gifts this year so I will have to get the Father's day gifts. He got a new tv and stand(cabinet). I have more space(on the top of the cabinet) to display tatting!!!
I ordered some more Lizbeth threads this week and here they are(So very beautiful!!!).
Here are some of the colors-Navy blue, Latte Foam, Golden Yellow Med., and Mocha Brown Dk.
...and here are-Blue Ice, Navy blue, Lime Green Med., Sea Island Citrus, Scottish Thistle, Girly Girl, Raspberry Pink Med., Island Breeze, and Wildflower Garden.

I have projects I insist getting finished before I start playing with the new fun colors, but I am having some trouble with self control. :D
Have a great day!!!! :)


Fox said...

Ohhh, look at all that pretty thread! Whatever are you going to do with all that - we’ll just have to wait and see!
Fox : ))

BSOTF said...

God's Kid,
Congrats to your DH for sharing his mother's day gift with you. I do love that you get the father's day gift too. At least you have room to sit you have space to sit your stuff too, It's so cool that he's sharing with you!

God's Kid said...

Thanks for the comments! :)
And Fox, I have been inspired by those beautiful socks you do and I want to do some for my granddaughters when I get time and the Girly Girl and Island Breeze are the first 2 I want to use for those.
And I have several other projects in mind for several other colors already too(much better than just purchasing pretty threads just because-better to have a project in mind first). :)

Fox said...

Hi, Sue,
Thanks for those lovely comments!

If you do the socks in those colours, they will be fantastic! Don’t forget to try sewing on the borders with thin - #30 - tatting thread - so much sturdier and better in my opinion than the invisible thread regular sewing thread...
Looking forward to seeing little borders... : ))