Thursday, January 12, 2012

Troubles viewing and commenting on some blogs recently

If I haven't commented on some of your wonderful tatting recently it's because I am having trouble with some blogs. They are not fully loading and are freezing constantly. I hope it will all workout soon so I can let you all know how wonderful your projects are!!!
Have a great day!!! :)


BeaJay said...

Hi - I found this blog through googling trouble viewing some blogs and just letting you know that I am having exactly the same problem. On some blogs I can open / read and post comments and some I can't now when I could before. Hope it fixes soon.

BTW - I hadn't thought of tatting - but now I will - love your work.

BeaJay said...

Me again. Just thought I would share a solution I have found to the blog problem.

I downloaded Google Chrome browser and use this to open blogs I am having problems with and it works. I can view and leave comments.

Google Chrome does not save your favourites etc so I haven't installed it as my default browser but have put it on my desktop and use it for the blogs I can't load or comment on.

Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

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