Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 25 Motif Challenge

Motif #1 is Tatted Heart from the Handy Hands catalog for Jan.-Dec. 2011 done in size 40 Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy.
Motif # 2 is the 5 pointed motif on the right in size 40 Lizbeth Christmas Red and the pattern is from here:
The center top one is the first try in which I some how wasn't smart enough that day to count 4 instead of 5. :D
The rest in this set are just random tattings which I did during the holidays whenever I could get a break.
The 3 red hearts(2 with stud earrings) are going to be a necklace and earring set for a young girl when I get the silver chain for the necklace and I finish off the ends.
There is a very white size 80 snowflake in the center which I have done before and the pattern is here:
And all the butterflies and hearts are just from emptying shuttles.

Motif #3 is a hanky edging. From Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns. This is Asters done is size 40 Lizbeth Purple Iris Fusion. I gave this as a Christmas gift to a friend.


Fox said...

Love that hankie edging - such a pretty colour!
Fox : )

Julie Romero said...

Beautiful hankie and motifs! Thank you for sharing the links too!

Debbie S. said...

Beautiful motifs... what a nice way to begin your 2012 Motif Challenge! :)

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Your challenge is off to a great start. Thanks for the links.

Allison said...

I LOVE YOUR HANKIE EDGING! It's just stunning. Did you weave the thread thru all the holes? That is a clever idea!