Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trouble commenting on blogs!!

I have tried to comment on many blogs for the past 2 days to tell you all how wonderful everything is, but....it tells me I am not logged in or that I am not allowed to view the page(which is coming directly from my dashboard reading list). I hope it clears up soon!!!
For those who I follow their blog: You are all doing some amazing and wonderful things! I wish I could comment on your posts, but until it lets me comment again I will let you know here.

Tatting Fool: Your ornament is awesome and it reminds me of fancy windows! :)

Fox: Your Galuh is beautiful! :)

Gina: Your plate 2 figure 13 looks great and I like the look of that design! :)

Jane: Neat shark! :)

Martha at Transmutacje: Great bookmark! :)

Umi&Tsuru: Your Fleur de Lis are beautiful and great colors! :)

Jon from Tat-a-renda: Your star is gorgeous!!! :)

Yarnplayer: Your Newcastle necklace in earthy colors is fabulous!!! :) It looks so autumn like that I could see a leaf charm hanging in the center for autumn. :)

Eliz at Tatknot: I love your Purple River Dancers bracelet and earrings! Great colors! :)

**Well, that covers everyone I have tried to comment to so far. Hope you all have a great day!! :)


Jane Eborall said...

Let's see if I can comment on your comment post!!! Thanks for your comment!!!

Gina said...

Thank you!

I don't have any trouble commenting at home but I did at work until I followed the suggestion to sign out of blogger and then sign back in but do NOT check the "keep me signed in" box. I don't know if it is a blogger issue or a firewall issue or something else, but it's worth a try!

Anonymous said...

hey you know, i never thought about commenting in that fashion... good idea!

i've had trouble lately even just logging in to blogger dashboard... i sure hope it all clears up soon!

Fox said...

GK, You are a real trouper! Thank you for the comments on YOUR blog! Wow, talk about a committed tatting blog reader!

Hope your computer woes go away soon!
Fox : )