Friday, February 18, 2011

2011: 25 Motif Challenge- Motif #6

I tried to start the Mary Konior Windmills pattern from Tatting with Visual Patterns a few weeks back and didn't succeed(this time), but I really think using the 100 size thread wasn't the best choice(although, I thought rainbow windmills would look awesome).

Yesterday I finished tatting 2 crosses(Mary Konior's Large Cross from tatting with Visual Patterns) for my husband just like the one I made for him here:
And then I really needed a huge break from the size 10 thread to make those crosses in 4 days, so I grabbed the beautiful Rainbow Bright size 100 HDT from Tatskool and tried Mary Konior's Carnival pattern in Tatting with Visual Patterns. I have to say that I was confused by this pattern, but I really wanted to tat it in color because I don't know how you can look at a pattern named Carnival and think plain white.


Fox said...

You are funny! I agree - you need colour for carnival!

As for using #100.... are you mad, woman?!!! Good grief - especially for THAT pattern!

Maybe try it again in something you can actually see!
Fox : )

magic shuttle said...

wow i love the colorful carnival ! I think any other color could not look this pretty. good job !

Tattingrid said...

Size 100??? Can you still feel that?? Oh, I'll stay away from that, FAR away! You made a double carnival: both by the pattern and the colour. True, they belong together!

God's Kid said...

Yes, everyone. I used size 100. I have seen Tatskool's Rainbow Bright thread for a very long time and longed to have a wonderful rainbow thread, but haven't found any others so I waited till I had the money and got the only Rainbow Bright left listed on her site when I ordered and it was size 100. There were only 2 and I bought both. I love the colors so much and can't wait to find something more to do to showcase these beautiful colors!!!! :)
Thanks for the wonderful and confirming comments on the colors and the pattern.
Have an awesome day!!!

Tatskool said...

Wow, you are my size 100 tatting star. they all look awesome to me, but then i am biased!