Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Working on orders......

I wanted to try and get some of the orders(requests) done and this first one had to be done so it could be given as a Christmas gift. I even had this cute cylinder to package it in.

This second set was a personal request by my mother-in-law and I am going to give them to her for Christmas. Now I have to find packaging for them.

For those who would like to make some here is the pattern:
I used Lizbeth size 20 black thread
20MM Hammered Hoops(bought at Hobby Lobby)
Pierced Earpost w/Drop(from Hobby Lobby)[used on first pair]
Fish Hook Wire(short)(from Hobby Lobby)[used on second pair]
SR=split ring
DS=double stitch
Top SR- First half of stitch, picot space, second half stitch(makes picot for top join),
then 4 DS/4 DS close R.
Right arm of cross- R 4 DS, P, 4 DS close R.
Left arm of cross-(turn project around to work) R 4 DS, P, 4 DS close R, (turn work back around).
Center R- SR 4 DS/4 DS close R.
Bottom R- SR 4DS, P/4 DS close R, tie tails and cut leaving a little to cover on hoop.
Put top picot of cross into center hole in earring hoop.
Wrap one stitch on left side of top post. Join to top picot of cross on backside of hoop.
Wrap 8 stitches on right side of hoop.
Join to right side picot on cross in front of hoop, then wrap 20 more stitches to bottom of hoop.
Join to bottom picot on cross on front side of hoop.
Wrap 20 more stitches working up left side of hoop.
Join to left side picot on cross in front of hoop, then wrap 8 more stitches covering tail left from first wrap stitch.
Then tie off on back side and cut.
Then assemble earrings(I had to use jump rings to attach hoops to posts).


Ladytats said...

thanks for the pattern, I have printed it out and may give it a try for christmas presents too.

Carla said...

Thank you for visitiong my blog today! Your works are very interesting.