Friday, March 19, 2010

First motifs done for challenge, but I will only count them as one since they were so quick. :)
Thought I would tat something today to start the blog with a project done today if possible and here are 2 candy canes shuttle tatted. Pattern is from the Online Tatting Class by Anita H. The I made the pattern first which resulted in the shorter candy cane, but I wanted a little larger one and tried my hand at improvising and I like the larger one I came up with. Both are nice. :)


Paula C. said...

This is really cute! I have it in my class notebook and really need to give it a try. Happy Tatting!

Krystle said...

Hello and welcome to the 25 motif challenge. Congrats on the nice looking candy canes....If you are interested, I am giving away some thread right now if you want to head over to my blog you are more than welcome to enter.