Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Motif #4

Was busy this weekend so not much tatting accomplished.
Sunday night I started the Ruffle-Edged Snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman. After getting the first round done I just loved how it looked and decided to keep it, so I made a second to turn into the full snowflake. Yesterday I got the second round done and my daughter thought it was awesome that way so I took a picture of it(I will probably make her one).

And then, last night I finished the whole snowflake. It doesn't look as awesome as the picture, but that's the difference between learners and those who have been at it for awhile. I think mine is ok though. And I emptied the shuttle and made a flower and another butterfly.


Paula C. said...

Very pretty! I just love snowflakes =)

God's Kid said...

Thanks Paula! I love snowflakes too! :)