Thursday, January 18, 2018

Looking for opinions

I have this shell necklace and earring set and I want to 
add tatting to it.  Our daughter got me these awesome 
beads which go beautifully with it so, I figure they will 
end up in the chain of the necklace.
I have 3 thread choices that look close.
 First is Honey Drizzle(our daughter says this would 
be her choice).
 Next is Ecru, which to me seems to tame the pink.
 And last is Tropical Punch which seems to have all 
the colors(and more pink).
Please let me know what you think.  ;)
Have a great day!! :)


Julie Romero said...

I like the idea of the very also, it seems to me that it would highlight the pretty beads and shell pieces while the others would create a piece that might be overwhelming.

Madtatter80 said...

Okay here is what i would do 😊use the golden yellow next to the pendent like in the rings and between the pearls and then the chains I would use the varagated colored pink make sure the part that goes to the beads and pendent (or touches them are the golden one 😄hopefully you understand what I'm saying. But whatever you chose will be great all you tatting has looked so nice, i just having fun.💜

Julie Romero said...

I meant to say Ecru, my phone does funny things to words sometimes and I don't catch it until after I see what I thought I said posted :-P

muskaan said...

Inherently my colour palette is subdued. So I veer towards ecru. But one never knows unless one tries tatting a couple of rings/chains to really see how they show up together. Looking forward to this :-)

Michelle said...

Ecru! But I’m a boring old Latin teacher...

Lelia said...

i like all of your choices. I think using color would be fun (over using ecru).

Jane McLellan said...

I'd use the tropical!

SWtrompeter said...

I think I agree with your daughter. Much as I prefer pink, I think the Honey Drizzle would probably work best. Why not tat a small medallion in each color and compare colors that way? Thread colors sometimes look quite different tatted than they do on the ball.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I would go wild and use Tropical Punch! I'm not sure I'd have anything to wear it with, though! ;-)