Monday, August 21, 2017

A few things

I told the Tollway tatters that I couldn't find most 
of my shuttles, and then I got home Saturday night 
and was looking through my "Ice Drop" box and 
on top of it(to the left) see what I found??  Look 
most of those packages of thread have a shuttle.  
Now I know where a lot of shuttles are and I need 
to work on emptying them....again!!!
Saturday night after getting most everything ready 
for Sunday I sat and watched tv and tatted.  I got 
one of these flowers done that night, and the next 
tatted yesterday between morning and night church. 
I was inspired by these from Tatting Tatsright on 
Facebook.  She tatted several and made a necklace. 
This is where she found the pattern: 
I tatted them in size 20 Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy.  :)
 A friend saw the Christmas Ice Drop ornaments 
I was making in red and white for a friend and she 
commented on the Root Beer Fudge pattern saying 
it should have a purple gem.  Thanks to Diane for 
having purple gems and letting me have some, I 
was able to tat this for my friend today.  :)  And, 
she has seen it and loves it, but she has to wait 
until we can find a way to meet up so I can give 
it to her.

Tollway Tatters Fun!!! :)
We had gorgeous weather on Saturday and I got 
to go to Tollway Tatters!!!  
See the beautiful clouds??
 Denise showed us this fabulous tatted toy horse 
which she will be sewing to this baby onesie.
 Here's Denise!  :)
 Diane was working on a gorgeous doily!! :)
 Here is a closer picture of that doily.
 Here are Denise, Sue Anna, and Marilee.
 And, Ana and Barb.
I got to work on helping these two make Ice Drops! 
It was fun!!! :)  And they both got one done!  :)
 And, the whole group(with me taking the picture).
The lady in the pink shirt is Mary.

Hope your day is blessed with peace and tatting!!! :)


Margarets designer cards said...

Looks like you had a great day, Beautiful purple ice drop,
Lovely flowers in one of mr favourite threads

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I knew you'd find your shuttles! It's a bit like finding buried treasure! I love the way the purple Ice Drop turned out, so soft and delicate looking.

God's Kid said...

Thank you!!! :)
Margaret, that is one of my favorite threads too!!! :)

Cindy said...

Looks like a fun group - wish I was just a little closer! I also love that purple ice drop!

God's Kid said...

Thank you Cindy!! :)

muskaan said...

Such wonderful beauties ! Both the thread and the Homo sapiens kind ;-D
Thanks for sharing - delightful; and so glad you found your shuttles. They do tend to get tangled up with their threads ;-)

Ninetta said...

Beautiful ice drop in white and purple! Thanks for the photos, it seems a lot of fun being there! Same mess here with my shuttles, glad you found them!

Ninetta said...

P.S. Sorry, I'm trying to guess, does "onesie" mean unique? just because that baby t-shirt is :-) !

Jane McLellan said...

Looks like a wonderful meeting up! I do like the purple and white, lovely. I'm glad you found your shuttles, can't do without them!

Michelle said...

Oh my, that ice drop! I love it! And your placement of the heart is perfect! Maybe Cindy and I can make a road trip together one time....

God's Kid said...

Thank you all so very, very much!!! :)
Ninetta, onesies are a baby t-shirt which snaps at the bottom. When I was young we had something similar called a bodysuit. I am not sure who or why they named these onesies, but that is the American name for the baby t-shirts which snap at the bottom.
That would be fun Michelle!!! They tell me I come the farthest so far, but with so many people here in Michigan constantly making trips to Chicago daily I am just happy to make it to Tollway Tatters!!! :)