Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 25 Motif Challenge #'s 4 & 5

 Motif # 4 is Wedding or Anniversary Cross(Wedding for my purpose) by Dee Powell in the book Tatted Bookmarks Needle & Shuttle edited by Barbara Foster.
It's tatted with DMC gold metallic thread 40m and Lizbeth Snow White size 20.  It's really quite small(not what I was expecting) maybe about 3 inches high.
 Motif #5 is a one of a kind.  This beautiful pin came from Fox one day and anxiously awaited some embellishment.  Well....I finally got around to "risking" it and went to work yesterday and this is what came out.  I didn't want to detract from the beauty of the pin, so I just highlighted it a bit with some tatting.  :)
It's tatted in (I believe) size 40 HDT from Jess at Tat-i-licious.  It was a request for a thread called confetti, but somehow I didn't really get my idea across to her.  Either way she came up with this beautiful colorway which I called Hippie Summer cuz' it looked like blue jeans and sunset.  Well, the colors matched the colors in this pin so beautifully I knew they had to go together!!!  :)  
And the beads are from Jon at TAT-A-RENDA.
 I had trouble getting a good picture, but here are 2.  :)
Last of all, I got another suncatcher done for my mother-in-law's friend.  :)  This is Sue Hanson's Val's Suncatcher:  (for some reason the link doesn't seem to be working now).  It's tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Tropical Punch with cheap kids pink(they really are pink, but it only seems to show in the glow on the picture) beads.


West Pine Creations said...

You did a wonderful job on incorporation the color and design of the pendent. Great Job, KEEP IT UP!!!

Fox said...

Love what you did with the pin. Perfect!
Fox : )

Jane McLellan said...

I love the gold rings in the middle of your bookmark - clever. You did a good job on the pin. How wonderful that it has components from all over the world! The suncatcher is pretty. Must be awkward to work in a ring like that, but worth the effort.

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely little cross, nice pattern.
The pin is gorgeous and those colours really go so well with the beautiful picture of Paris
Lovely sun catcher I love that colour thread.

God's Kid said...

Thank you so much everyone!! :)
I am so glad you like the pin Fox!!! :)

Carla said...

Beautiful cross!

Umintsuru said...

I noticed the wedding rings in the cross. What a lovely idea. The pin is gorgeous.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

A very sweet cross, perfect pin embellishment, and wonderful suncatcher!

Jolimama said...

Tetszenek mind, de a kereszt az a legjobban:-)

God's Kid said...

Thank you so much everyone!! :)