Friday, October 28, 2011

Can't stop tatting Mary's Butterfly :)

I tried to post last night, but it wouldn't upload my picture.
I tatted a size 40 Lizbeth Tropical Punch butterfly.

Today, I had to take a friend for pre-surgery testing and while I was there I decided to tat another butterfly in Yarnplayer's Corsage size 40 HDT. And a man there waiting saw me and said I had a lot more patience than him. And he told me that his mom used to tat edging for tablecloths, pillowcases, curtains, and clothes. And then a lady came and asked what I was making and I showed her the last 2 butterflies and she asked what I would do with them and I said they could be sewn on clothes or stretchy headbands or whatever. And she said that her granddaughters would love them. Well, before I left I gave her the 2 butterflies and she almost wouldn't take them, but she now has a gift for each of her granddaughters and a little knowledge of tatting. :)


Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm as excited about this adorable butterfly as you are, and I really appreciate your bringing it to our attention! I made my first one last night and I am delighted with it, in size 20 Lizbeth Vintage Harvest! I'm amazed how Mary achieved the 'layered' effect of the wings! So simple - yet I never would have come up with it!

It's also an excellent pattern for testing the colorways of variegated threads!

That was so wonderful of you to give away the ones you made to the grandma! I'm sure her granddaughters will love them and think they are magical!!! It may even inspire them to learn to tat one day!

Suztats said...

Your butterflies are beautiful! It's wonderful that you gave 2 away, and that will spread the tatting word!

Anonymous said...

So Pretty!!!

Lelia said...

Until I saw your pictures (on your blog), I didn't know the pattern existed. I hope to have shuttles out tomorrow and give it a try.

Thx for sharing your colorful butterfly motis + providing a link to the pattern.


Pop Lenuta Maria said...

Another one?
And has beautiful colors!
I hope that granddaughters, enjoy two gifted butterflies.
Soon you'll have more butterflies than I am.

Cindy said...

I believe you have successfully drawn me into your addiction :) I love these butterflies! I think it's great you gave 2 away - what a great way to spread the art!