Saturday, April 10, 2010

who switched out my hubby????? ;)

Hi everyone! :)
Today has been a pretty good day and a surprise all around. First we had errands to run and girls to drop at the mall and such. Then, my husband decides we are going to go to the places I know that we can find tatting supplies and let me stock up a little. Things have been financially tight so I have been using what I have gotten to start with and just letting him know that I would like more. And today he decided we were going to splurge for me(WOW!!!!!!!). Now, I have started realizing that the threads I am using are not the quality of some others, but since I just started in Jan. I am ok with it, plus I can get a little more this way, till I get to buy the HDT's that I have been seeing on some of your blogs(they are so awesome!, and my favorite is already sold out-oh well). I have a few new colors, and more white which I am greatly needing to finish 2 doilies, and some clip earrings that I can make some motifs for my daughter to wear( and some yarn to crochet some kitchen dishcloths for my mom for Christmas).

Last night I got busy again on the doily and am about 2/3 of the way done on round 7. I hope to finish this round tonight and then to work on round 8 this week and get it fully done(prayerfully!). :) Have a great Saturday all! I am going to try to calm down a bit. :D

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