Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Found tatting at a friend's house!!!

My friend had this cute doily sitting on a shelf of 
her tv stand and I caught a glimpse of tatting and 
had to take a picture and share it.  She said she 
bought it from some Amish people and it needs to 
be cleaned and blocked and asked me how.  Thank-
fully since I tat I was able to help.  ;)
And I also know there is crochet in it too.  ;)  I can't 
wait till she cleans and blocks it!!
Have a terrific day with tatting!! :)



Jane McLellan said...

Well spotted! Interesting how crochet has been combined with the tatting.

God's Kid said...

Thanks! I hope to get a picture after it's blocked.

muskaan said...

Exciting!!! Good to know there are other communities tatting (with a bit of crochetwork incorporated) and selling... so far we knew only of the Chinese doilies.

God's Kid said...

Thanks muskaan! Yes, it's good to know others are tatting.

Margarets designer cards said...

Well spotted, lovely piece of tatting and crochet

picotsnkeys said...

How lovely that she has it out and enjoying it! This reminds me of a doily I found in a thrift shop years ago. I have since found out that it was marketed in Italy. Given where the thrift shop is located, I suspect a tourist from the area bought it in Italy, enjoyed it, and then donated it. I wonder where this doily started and where it will end???

God's Kid said...

Picotsnkeys, I will have to ask and try to remember to let you know.