Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Ready for Valentine's Day!

I am tatting some items as prizes for my 
mother-in-law's apartment complex Bingo 
games.  They are low-income seniors and 
they don't have much they get to do, so I 
figured it was a good way to start using some 
of my supplies to help someone smile.
I had these large heart beads and I wanted to 
tat a necklace for Valentine's Day for someone, 
so this was the perfect opportunity.
It's not my best tatting, just quick.  It's SSSR(single shuttle split rings)
 with chains around the outside.
I have tatted around a pink heart like this before.  
  I never tatted the chain for it.  Maybe 
I will have to find it and finish it!!  ;)
Hope you have a tatting filled day!! :)



Bernice said...

So pretty, I love all things hearts.

God's Kid said...

Thank you Bernice!! :)
I donated it to the Bingo game and got orders for 2 from some who wanted it right then. I told them they would have to play and win, or wait until I could get 2 more made. ;)